I'm having trouble trying to install Access 2000 runtime libraries to Windows 2008 R2 server. After seemingly successfull install, trying to open Access application, I get message that Access is not installed.

I know there was a previous question about this problem and solution:

Solution was to use newer version of Access 2000 installer, but it was unclear for me where that installer was found and what version it exactly was.

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The question you refer to deals with Windows Terminal Server -  it does not relate to Windows Server .

Are you planning on using your Windows server as a normal workstation?  If not why do you need to install Access at all on it?

The current runtime is free and downloadable from MS download site.


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The Access Runtimes for 2000 - 2003 are licensed, and as such the only legitimate place to obtain those are directly from Microsoft. The actual runtime comes with the Retail installation of Access, while the license to distribute that file comes with other components (for example, with 2003 the license came with the Developer Exetensions). Unless you have the license to distribute the runtime, you cannot distribute this, even to your own Terminal SErver.

The newer version (2007 and 2010) are available freely, as peter indicated above. In most cases, those newer runtimes will run older versions with no problems, but you must test them thoroughly before you deploy. This is often the best way to manage a situation like your own, since it can be quite expensive to get the older versions and licensing necessary to deploy them (you generally must buy an MSDN subscription, which can be pricey).

2010 runtime:
2007 runtime;

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Yes, this is more about Terminal Services. The server is used for multiple users who  use various access applications.

I have licensed 2000 runtime version available, which was installed using TRANSFORMS parameterfile downloaded from MS.

However, this method has not worked, because as said, I get the error message access is not installed.

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Here's a download link from MS that indicates it is the "Access 2000 Runtime for Terminal Server" :

I've not downloaded or installed this, but it would seem to be what you're looking for. I do not know if it is compatible with Server 2008 R2 either. The last "supported" operating system was XP.

answered 2011-10-27 at 07:34:29

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I have tried installing Access 2000 minimum runtime through Control Panel's "Install Application on Remote Desktop" with options for that .MST config file by command:
"<path to setupfile>\Setup.exe" TRANSFORMS="c:\program files
\orktools\toolbox\tools\terminal server tools\termsrvr_art.mst"

As I told, this install runtime seemingly successfully, but when opening access application I get error:
"This application must be installed to run. Please run Setup from the location where you originally installed the application"

Problem in quite same as in thread I referred:

answered 2011-10-28 at 07:45:37

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I don't know of any other Access 2000 Runtimes. A search for "ms access 2000 runtime" turns up a lot of hits. There's nothing on MSDN about a newer version of the 2000 runtime.

Did you install this with a full Administrator login? Did you use the Add/Remove applet to do this? Or did you run the install directly? If so, you may not have been in "install" mode (although most times TS will detect this and install the item correctly). To insure you're in "install" mode:

Also note that the question you referenced was closed down by the Cleanup Volunteer, not the author, so there is no way to insure that they actually did locate the file.

This links suggests that the download will update your current version of the 2000 runtime to SP3, which you could then deploy to the server - or you could (a) install the runtime to the server and then try to update it directly on the server:

With that said: Even if you fix this, an update to the 2008 R2 server is very, very likely to break that installation, since MSFT is NOT going to make any effort to maintain compatibility with that very old Access runtime. In other words, you're expending a great deal of effort to fix something that is not going to stay fixed, and that is going to give you nothing but troubles down the road. You would be well advised to do as advised earlier and move to the newer runtimes. It's a simple issue, in most cases, and does not require any additional effort - all you must do is test the application in those newer runtimes and if they don't work, fix what's broken.

answered 2011-10-31 at 03:42:00

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Ok, I found solution to this problem.

I managed to get and install Access 2003 runtime, which installed successfully and was compatible with the required access applications. I know this is not really solution to original question, but it's solution to my problem.

Maybe Access 2000 really is too problematic for 2008 R2 Server.

answered 2011-10-31 at 04:14:39

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Not a solution for question, but solution for problem.


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I would think that my first comment, where I described how you could work around this (i.e. installing a newer version of the Runtime) would have qualified for assistance points. The 2003 runtime can only legally be deployed if you have the Access Developer Extensions, therefore it is not allowed for us (the volunteer Experts) to suggest that you do this - the best we can do is inform you that you CAN do this, but you must have the rights to do so (which I did). I also provided you with 2 free alternatives (the 2007 adn 2010 Runtimes).

Can you please explain why you did not choose my comment as an Assisted solution?

answered 2011-10-31 at 05:11:08

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