Is there a way for my sales force to have an automatic backup when they are in a branch office, but I don't want it to backup when they are on the vpn. The backup will go to a NAS at their home branch office on the network.

when on VPN they do come in on a differn't IP address than they would get in the office.

Any idea's

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pramodbugudai link gives you the basics on backing up your HDD and shows the FTP option. With the ftp option there are a few methods of stopping the VPN backup. This depends on your network layout/setup.

Depending on the nas features I would deny access from your VPN DHCP range or if you do not have this setup you could block by mac address of the VPN server nic. Anyone connecting via a VPN should have the same MAC address of your VPN server nic.


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Take a look at EdgeSafe backup it can backup laptops/desktops, and you can define the backup to run when logged in into a ceratian IP range.

The backup is fully automatic, so once they log into the corporate network the backup will run, and it will be incremental, fast, and yet the restore is always a single session.


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