Hi all, i have the following setup on a couple of servers. HP Proliant ML370 G6 running Esx 4.1, windows server 2003 guest backing up to an LTO 3 tape drive. The tape drive has been configured via an 53c1030 PCI-X Fusion-MPT Dual Ultra320 SCSI passthrough in ESX. On the first server the backup fails immediatley, but on the second it get to ~ 3.7Gb then fails with the same error. I have tried HP tape tools to do a test which passes. I have read a lot of similar errors on the EE but none which relate to this proble, exactly. Thanks for your help

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HP Support will recommend that you use VM Direct Path to present the SCSI controller to the Virtual Machine.

BUT, you may experience issues and problems, because VMware does not support adding tape drives to ESX 4.1. (and it's recommend to use an Adaptec card)

There are two methods you could try, SCSI Passthru' and VM Direct Path, where you add the HBA to the virtual machine.

The actual statement from VMware is

"Tape drives. VMware does not support tape drives that are connected to ESX/ESXi hosts"

Note: VMware does not support tape drives that are connected to ESXi 5.0 hosts.

See here

Also LSI SCSI controllers are not supported, only Adaptec.



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Hi Hanccocka, we decided to opt for the passthrough as the direct path method casued problems on occasion which we try to avoid. The passthrough has been used on several prior installations with success. Im not sure why in this instance it doesnt work.  Im quite new to backups and their config. Thanks for the response.

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HP Support will recommend you use VM Direct Path, because SCSI passthru is unreliable, If you have used older versions of VMware ESX, it may have worked, but as VMware continue to update SCSI drivers in the hypervisor, it appears to have broken many tape devices, which VMware do not support, and therefore support is limited.

We have worked with many clients as a VMware Partner, with issues in this area, I would look to the future of non tape based backup.

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Thanks you

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