One of our ISVs was working on our BESX box.

Now our BESX server will not start.

The following error in the event log:
[35028] (11/10 10:18:13.831):{0x8C0} {ConnectionPool::Connect()} Pool Initialization failed for attempt 1 of 5
[25137] (11/10 10:18:23.871):{0x8C0} {ConnectionItem::ConnectToDB} Failed to connect.  Connection string is Provider=SQLOLEDB.1;Server=DC8;Database=BESMgmt;Network=dbmssocn;uid=sa;pwd=

Ive used the blackberry configuration tool to attempt to change the account used from SA to BESmgmt, then i restart the machine, and still the same error. Is there somewhere else where i need to change the account it is trying to use?

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2 Answers:

Was the SQL SA account changed or locked?

To use an AD account, you'd need to add them as a login and assign permissions to the BESMgmt database.




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Please check the following permissions:

Add the besadmin account to the Logins in the sql server with a Domain account.

If the server is a Microsoft® SQL Server®, assign the server roles by completing the following steps:

Note: The following is not applicable to Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine (MSDE).

2.In the Microsoft SQL Enterprise Manager, go to Microsoft SQL Servers/SQL Server Group/<SQL_server_name>.
3.Expand the Microsoft SQL Server and expand Security.
4.Right-click Logins.
5.Click New Login.
6.On the General tab, click the button next to the Name field.
7.Select the new BlackBerry Enterprise Server service account name from the Names list.
8.Click Add.
9.Click OK.
10.On the Server Roles tab, select Server Administrators and Database Creators from the Server Role list.
Note: If running BlackBerry Enterprise Server 4.1 to 5.0, add the System Administrators role to add BlackBerry smartphone users in a role-based administration environment. For instructions, see the BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Microsoft Exchange: System Administration Guide.

11.On the Database Access / User Mapping tab, select the check box for the BlackBerry Configuration Database.
12.In the Database Roles for <BlackBerry_Configuration_Database_name> list, select the db_owner check box.


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