Canon DR-5020 Scanner(New old stock)
  Adaptec 2930CU SCSI Card
  SCSI hi-density 50 pin male external cable
  PC:  AMD 64x2
          2.3 Ghz
          3gig RAM
          160 Gig HD, 80 Gig free
          XP SP 3
          Built 11-7-2008

I have Adaptec SCSI 2930 Original has installation manual (read several times), Users Manual (read several times) and drivers (none for XP, see next)
SCSI driver used from Windows XP (it's embedded per Adaptec)
SCSI Card switch preset at 7 per Adaptec
SCSI switches on scanner set to 0 (DIPS 2, 3 and 4 set to ON)
SCSI terminator on scanner set to ON (DIP 1 set to ON)

I have Original Canon Set-up CD
I have installed Canon Scanning Utility5000
I have installed ISIS and TWAIN drivers V. 1.82
I have installed Capture Perfect 2.0

I turn on the scanner first, then the computer
The PC sees the SCSI and everything loads OK.  Only the minumum programs load via setup.

Problem.  PC sees the scanner and wants to install and searches for install without success so I quit searching on CD or internet.

The scanner works using Canon Scanning Utility but will not work using any other ISIS TWAIN or CapturePerfect program.  Each time the message is cannot locate SCSI, etc, etc.

I've searched Canon US and Europe for better drivers or solutions....No Success.




asked 10/30/2011 11:47

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4 Answers:
What version of the driver are you using? The latest on the canon site is 1.87, which supports XP.

Have you tried changing the SCSI ID (some boards do not like temination at address 0)
Do you have a SCSI terminator plug installed on the scanner's second port? if so, switch SCSI termination off.


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I am using ver. 1.87.
Nope, No physical terminator in scanner port 2.
OK, I'll change Scanner SCSI ID to 3 and see what happens.
thanks, tom


answered 2011-11-01 at 01:07:42

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Success.  I changed the SCSI ID on the scanner to 1 and it works.

thanks, tom

answered 2011-11-02 at 08:19:19

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my comment was not the solution....


answered 2011-11-03 at 08:41:33

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