I administer a network with a Canon ImageRunner 5020i on it. Up until now, we have been using only 32-bit OS pc's and, with the printer installed on the 2003 server, installing it to the workstations was a snap. Now I am rolling out laptops and desktops that are W7 64 bit.

The result - I can't find the correct 64 bit driver to make it work. I have downloaded about every single driver listed on the Canon website for the 5020i that references 64 bit, but none seem to work. Every single driver I have tried returns and error telling me it is not the right driver for the OS. The install method I am trying now is to install the printer on the workstations mapped directly to the ip, which has worked fine for all the other printers on the network - Ricoh, Brother, HP.

In addition, the UFR utility which is listed as 64 bit will install on the pc, but the search for a Canon printer avaialble to install comes up blank. With the 32 bit version, this never happened.

This IR is very popular with the users, so I am looking for an answer. If i'm 'missing it', then I need to 'find it'. If it is otherwise (i.e. the 5020 is not 64 bit compatible), I need to know that as well. Also, if there is a way to load the 64 bit drivers on the s2003 print objects so I can skip the ip-direct install nonsense, I would like to do that as well.

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2 Answers:
1) I would look to see if Canon has a printer management tool similar to the HP Jetadmin

2) Check your IP settings on the win 7 64 bit machines, turn off IP V6, QOS when trying to discover the printer.

If you know the IP address, try doing a manual install .

I hope this helps !
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unable to determine with certianty if the answer provided was THE SOLUTION, or a coincidence. I still don't understand why the Canon config tool (UFR II) for 64 bit drivers does not work.
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