Is it possible to always have the "from" field fild in with the current logged in account in Outlook 2010? Now Outllook default tries to send mail from the mailbox that contains the mail to be forwarded. Looks like this causes som incovenience for our users.. they have to change the from field to their mailbox :-) every time the forward a mail.  

asked 11/24/2011 05:15

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I personally had this issue too :) That resulted many incorrect FROMs. The result is the free Outlook Tweaker included in ReliefJet Essentials for Outlook. It provides the Force user to specify "From" feature. After the feature is enabled, the user cannot send email without specifying FROM explicitly (Outlook will bring the error message on screen). It does not set FROM automatically, but at least many sending errors are gone now. And it is free :)


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I will accept this as a solution. It doesn't get top grade because that implies that the original question is fully solved. This is still confusing for some users, but they will probably get used to it eventually :) Thank you for your answer, as no one else has answered I presume it's not possible to specify a dafault "from:" mailbox in Outlook.


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