got new installation of CISCO IPS.

expert$$$ , need your expert opinion on below RAW ideas

1) is there any specific checklist to AUDIT Cisco IPS
2) is there any Tool to test Cisco IPS
3) what things need to look in for a newly installed IPS

please comment

asked 10/10/2011 11:28

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2 Answers:
Here's a book:

Here's a PDF from Cisco:

Here's a brief article:

There are a number of ways to do penetration testing depending on your setup. One simple way is to put a port scanner on the "outside" of your Cisco box, turn up logging and fire away. There are companies that do penetration testing that will charge a lot of money.

But diligent attention to #1 and #2 in your list will / should take care of #3

Good luck,
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