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we have call manager v8.0.2 .... also we have two branches in the same country and we have installed 2901 srst voice gateway over there .... now we are opening new branch in neighbor country and we looking forward to extend our voice solution to that branch


i finished the data connection setup with VPN site to site ... now the staff in the new branch they can place calls through IP comminucator with no problems.


The Question


we want the call center agents in the main office to place calls to the new branch customers "diffrent country" also to receive them calls then


how i can setup this solution ???? i have extra 2901 SRST is it possible to use it there ?

asked 10/27/2011 05:31

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2 Answers:
You can set it up the same exact way you did the other branch.  Keep in mind that there may be certain legal reasons that would prevent this, but technologically there should be none.


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yeah i believe in the same

answered 10/28/11 07:49 AM

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