Our company is going with Clearcase for version control.
Would you please recommend a good tutorial for Clearcase?  This will be to develop a version numbering system for all of our applications.  Would you also provide guidance (tutorial) in establishing my first version numbering system?  We are using Eclipse Galileo and Flash Builder 4
Thank you!

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Wow. That really is a broad question that only you can answer. Do you not have an existing version numbering system that could be transferred to ClearCase.

I'm assuming a bigger picture question relating to SCM and Release Management in general.

For me version numbering is all about release management. I recommend that you get your hands on:
  • Software Configuration Management Patterns - Stephen Berczuk

  • Software release Methodology - Machael E. Bayes

Brad Appleton is also someone you should Google in relation to this matter.

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Hello David,

Thank you for repling to my question and for the reference books.

To be more specific,  I am working on in-house applications, where the users have not asked for the application, the deployment is handled by the  IT department, and the users will be calling the help desk, I am looking for a sample of a  Year.Month.Day.Build to work in this  situation.  I think this would keep it very simple.  This type of version number could by most useful to the help desk and me in tracking bugs and fixes..  

I have googled like crazy and have not yet found a good example of a build. I do not want to re-invent the wheel.   Would you know of a link to or example of this?



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I'm not sure the version control tool is the source of you problems. Correct me if I'm wrong but it sounds like you'll be using ClearCase as your source control tool for applications that are developed and deployed internally.

Typically you'll have a step in your build / package / deploy / release process that will increment the build number every time the build runs. In this case you are looking at your build tools. All good build tools like BuildForge, AntHill Pro and CruiseControl will have a build number field that can be incremented based on certain rules and included in the package and deploy process.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the help!
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