I have got a client who wants users when they go onto their site, to be able to be able to go onto a link to download the whole site in one go and then a customised app icon to appear on their ipad desktop.  This is specifically for ipad users.  Is there an easy way to do this using html5 /css3?  There a lot of video files in this site a approx 60 files, some of them are 15mb in size so the site is very big - probably verging on 580mb.  Preferably I want to do this using html as I am not an object c developer, haven't got a mac to develop it on (only an ipad1), only wants to be an 'app' available  as a download from this website and the client really does want it just as an 'offline website'.  Is this actually doable? The site is

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I have not seen anything that can do this on an iPad.  The only way you can bypass creating an actuall iPad/iPhone App is to develop a website that you can read from the iPad...just like any other website.

Making it available "offline" like they want it to really create an app for the iPad.  

I ran into this when I started developing our local website applications.  They wanted to run it on an iPad...I thought it would be best to just run it as a website so any device can connect to it, but they wanted it available where no wireless connections were...wasn't possible to do unless we created an iPad app...and even then, we needed to connect it to a wireless access point in order to transmit the data within our facilities.

Hope this helps shed some light on the subject.


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