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   A friend of mine in another office is having a problem when in outlook 2003. He gets this Error
windows cannot access the specified device path or file for this MSI.

He can still use Outlook, though.  It is just a minor inconvenience.  I tried to search for the MSI but had not luck.  He is using XP.  

I checked online and could not find much about this error there was a suggestion about checking the Internet Options and changing a miscellaneous security setting to prompt.  Many links told me to unblock the msi.  But it could not be found when I did a search.  

Any help you can give me would be great!

asked 11/07/2011 03:55

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Another possible cause, according to Microsoft, is that Outlook is running compatibility mode:

If that's not it, are there any entries in the Systems or Applications event log that might contain more details?


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You indicated that you already adjusted Internet Explorer options suggested for this error message ( How about disabling anti-virus software (for example AVG) and then starting Outlook?

When exactly does your friend get this error, when double-clicking the Outlook icon to start the program?
Is he an admin on the computer?

answered 2011-11-07 at 12:12:39

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   The first solution is only for outlook 2010.  We are using McAfee but we are all using that so I don't think that is the solution but i can try to disable it. Unfortunately there does not seem to be a trigger for this error it just opens.

answered 2011-11-07 at 12:17:35

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The msi should be on the installation cd/dvd -- have you tried searching for it there?

answered 2011-11-12 at 09:20:44

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the easiest fix is to do a repair install with the original install media available and have point the installer to the new media.

answered 2011-11-12 at 09:58:12

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I have checked and the problem does not just happen in outlook.  when the error message was opening I checked the list of processes and one of them was called installer_no_upload_silent.exe.  When I terminated it the error message was gone.  I searched and found this exe and deleted it.  

answered 2011-11-12 at 13:01:38

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