I had to restore my dB from a disaster with public folders. Since then there have been a lot of surprises.

Our Public folders can not post new messages they go straight to the inbox. Unless you create a new public folder can you past. Anything from the pst restore does not (goes to inbox)

The same with the dist lists. If I create a new list no problems. But anything restored from the .pst is hit or miss. Is there like a schema or AD issue that needs to be addressed.

Please help... as of late I have not had as much great success as I have had in the past fromExp Exchange!!!! Renew my hope. Thanks!!!!!

asked 10/27/2011 05:38

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2 Answers:
Perform a integrity check on Public database files.
Otherwise do a repair of db files and then defrage and run Isinteg -s servername -fix -test alltests.
Since these dbfiles will not be in larger size, it should not take more downtime.
Try this work around and post results.
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What exactly did you restore?  How have you restored distribution lists from a backup?  What did you use for the restore?

Can you mail enable a restored public folder and have it work properly?
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