We are in the transition process between Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010. Here is our scenario:

Single AD site in a single forest
Exchange 2007 SP2 single server with all roles - 450 mailboxes
Exchange 2010 single server with all roles
Exchange 2010 Mailbox and Hub Transport is already configured and a user whose mailbox is on E2K10 can send/receive via Outlook MAPI
A Blackberry Server BES 4.1.7 is running on a separate machine

My question is:

E2K10 needs its own Mailbox and Hub Transport and E2K7 needs its own.

But what about CAS role?
Before moving mailboxes to E2K10, I need to configure its CAS and I need to make sure that E2K10 CAS will support E2K7 mailboxes.

What will happen after configuring CAS on E2K10?
If a user whose mailbox is on E2K7 opens OWA, will it redirect the user to its proper mailbox server?

And what about BES server?

We are in production environment and I'm afraid that by changing CAS,  users may not be able to connect to their mailboxes.


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5 Answers:
yes it will redirect him to the Exchange 2007 CAS based on the internal and external FQDNs defined in the OWA virtual directory properties.

for the blackberry you will need to re-activate the BB devices.


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1) So I just configure CAS on E2K10 and remove CAS from E2K7? What is thee recommended procedure?

2) Do we have to re-activate all the BB devices? Our BB users are scattered around the world. Is there a way to do it at global level for all users?

answered 2011-04-26 at 05:34:42

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1- you will need to keep both until you move all of the mailboxes.

answered 2011-04-26 at 05:43:39

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Is it possible to have two CAS running at the same time?

Our E2K7 is published on internet and ActiveSync is also in place.

answered 2011-04-26 at 05:51:19

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yes of course. you can have them but you will need to use 2 different URLs

answered 2011-04-26 at 06:00:05

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