Hello, I just bought an access point with repeater function to boost the wireless signal in my house, since the router is in the second floor and i cant get signal in some rooms in the first floor. I plugged the AP in my router to configure, selected the MAC from the modem connection and didnt get any password, but when i put it downstairs to amplify the singal on the first floor, it seems to have changed nothing at all... I put it directly below the room where the router is, where the signal is strongest (on the 1st floor), but even so, i cant get a decent singal down there... Maybe I'm doing something wrong?? Or i just bought a crappy Acess Point (TP-Link TL-WA701ND)??

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Go to the manufacturers site for your router, and check that you have the latest firmware installed.
Make sure your access point has the latest fimware installed (
Is your router is WDS capable? (post what model your router is if you're not sure) If so you should set your AP up as described on page 28 through 29 in the manual. You will have to enable WDS on your router and enter the AP's mac address also.
If not then you need to set your AP up as described on page 30 through 31.
Try setting tis up first without any wireless securty enabled on either router or ap. Once you have it working, you should enable wirless security ensuring that the settings are the same on both. WPA or WPA2 is the best choice.



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My router is a Linksys WRT54G2, I dont know if he is WDS capable, i dont even know what this is. To upgrade the firmware, should i connect the AP cable to the router and then try to upgrade?? tried it once but the internet keeps disconnecting and it doenst complete the upgrade...


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> My router is a Linksys WRT54G2, I dont know if he is WDS capable

No, it's not. So setup the TP-link according to pages 30-31 as suggested by twisted-space.

I also agree with the "get it working without encryption, first" advice.

> To upgrade the firmware, should i connect the AP cable
> to the router and then try to upgrade??

You should download any firmware updates to your computer, then connect directly to the device with cat5. I typically unplug all other cables except the one I'm using to update the firmware.

I also usually reset the router to defaults by holding in the reset button for 30 seconds, unplugging the power to the router (just pulling the adapter from the back is good) for 10 seconds, then - still holding in the reset button - plug it back in and count 20 more seconds... finally, release the reset button and let it boot up. THEN do the firmware update. Do not try to restore settings saved from previous firmware; always re-enter the settings manually (then save them again for restoring to the same firmware if needed).


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