Hi guys,

I've been asked to setup a real time transmission equipment in remote locations. My only problem is that I don't have the sensors (that will generate the data and send them using WiFi to a PC) yet and when they arrive, I will have a week or two to setup everything and have it working.

Here's the deal: The company I work for is bringing some digital tempareature and pressure sensors. These send the data wiressly to a USB dongle (up to 100 meters away). I have to make a program that will receive the data (like the software the sensors have) but that will also send the data over to the Internet so I have to make a new program.

My question is, can I make some kind of software that will simulate/emulate a USB dongle receiving time, pressure and temperature?

I'm not quite sure what the data is made of but for testing purposes, any kind of binary data should do.

Where should I look? What should I google for?

I'm including Handheld/PDA Programming a I don't know if it might be possible (or better) to use an external device for this.

Thanks in advance!

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If you don't know anything about how the sensors work, then I would just put synthetic data in a text file and build a quick application to pull it out on some time interval and send it to the main program. (This way you can build in the interrupts or whatever in the main program).

Do the sensors use some kind of handshaking or do you have the likelihood of errors in your transmissions?
Do you have the dongle?l


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I would start by looking up the documentation for the equipment you are waiting on.  You should find in there all of the examples of how to use the hardware in code.

Once you have the basic ideas down, the next step is to design your application so it has a class or interface that is designed to receive the data and process it (send it out over the internet?).  With this single level of abstraction in place you can feed the class data from a text file (preferably taken from the examples in the docs), or however else you want to handle it.  With that abstraction layer in place you can get the data from any source.  All you will need to do once the parts arrive is to receive the data and hand it to the abstraction object.

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Thanks guys,

Nice idea.

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