I have a .flv file of an on-screen presenter that is supposed to pop out on a website and tell you more about it. But, I'd like it to be seen on mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad.

So, I took the flv file and converted it to an mp4 to be used with JW Player. But, since the flv file has a transparent background around the person speaking, when converted to mp4, the background turns black.

I need this to be a white background in the mp4 file.

I tried going into Flash and making the stage white, putting the flv file on top of it and exporting as an AVI (which i would convert to mp4 after) but the flv doesn't play at all when I do that.

Any ideas on how to take a flv file with transparency, put a white background under it, and save as an mp4. Perhaps there is even an easier way to do what I'm saying? Open to ideas!

asked 05/20/2011 05:50

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If all you are worried about is mobile device compatibility, why not just do browser detection and serve up an image to the iDevices that links to the mp4 and the flv to everyone else?

The video is going to open in the iPhone player and not in your site...


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Didn't answer the question but was a good alternative suggestion.

answered 2011-05-20 at 18:50:23

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