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I have a network issue and I can't find any easy solution to it.
I have 2 internet connections, one for mostly http traffic (DSL, gateway, the other for servers (reliable optical fiber, gateway
I have a terminal server which gateway is for remote users, and I would like to redirect the http traffic generated in the terminal server to the gateway For now I am using an ISA server to do it, but as I try to virtualise it, it is just giving me headache because of Hyper-V.

Does anybody has a better / easier solution to provide me with?Is there any light virtualizable OS that would solve my issue?

asked 11/16/2011 03:54

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I think another choice is the use of a router with that specific rule on it, this will enhance the traffic since the router would be doing it's core duty, also it will be more transparent and would avoid unwanted traffic going to your fiber optic gateway.

If you want to go thought the virtualized OS choice, have a look at Zentyal ( which will allow you to handle your configuration through an easy web interface, while having some other choices.



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What kind of router is A Cisco router can make the determination that traffic from the terminal server to the Internet should get redirected to It is called policy based routing. You also may be able to change the gateway to, and then configure static routes on the terminal server to use as appropriate.

answered 2011-11-16 at 13:44:50

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Thank you for answering so fast!
I like the Zentyal solution, I'm virtualizing it right now. It seems easy enough to configure, powerfull and seems to enable functionnalities I could use in the future. I will let you know as soon as I get something set up.

answered 2011-11-18 at 07:00:50

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