ok, we had a problem with a server, where the hard drives was damaged, we was able to recover the days with the entire OS, after restoring the data with OS, using acronis,
the domain and configration was all the same, we return on site and installed the server etc,

after we try log in on a computer that was on the domain before it crashed, i tried different steps to log in, but did not help, finally i remove the pc off the domain and put it back on the workgroup, after i readded it to the domain. and i tried to log in and everything works fine,

my questions is, is there a way where i can get the connected back to the domain without having to removed and add to workgroup and readd to domain? we are talking about 70 pcs thats on this network,
is there a way to do this?

asked 11/22/2011 04:47

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I guess you are looking for something like at this URL to change the domain using script that communicate using WMI.



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Try the following on one of the clients:
nltest /sc_reset:yourdomainname\yourpdcname

If that works, repeat on the rest either manually or by script such as:
for /f %x in (myclientnames.txt) do psexec \\%x nltest /sc_reset:mydomain\mypdc
Assuming you can log into some computer with an Administrator account whose password is the same on all PCs, and that you have psexec from

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