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I have 2008 server with SharePoint 3.0.   my upper management does not like that they login to the site then when they click on internal website they need to use they user name and password. then when they lick to  open a documents it ask again for user name and password.

Is there a way to make it a single login?  if yes how and whats the down side with having it as a single login.

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If the client machine is on the same domain, or a trusted domain, as the SharePoint farm, auto-login is achieved through Internet Explorer security zones.  As long as the SharePoint URL is in the "Intranet" zone in IE, or "Trusted Zone" (as long as the Trusted zone is set to login with current credentials), then you should't get prompted.

That being said, there is a known issue (not sure if it's been fixed in SP3) with SharePoint 2007 / Vista / Office 2007.  This bug will repeatedly prompt for password when opening office docs from SharePOint.  Eventually the document will open.  The fix is to add a registry entry (


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add the website under trusted websites or switch ur ie to accept intranet websites.. .and that will do the trick

answered 2011-11-13 at 11:20:48

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I'm curious as to why my response didn't earn the full point amount?  No offense, but the second response didn't say anything new.

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