I’m trying to help a friend who is looking for a program similar to FastStream IQ Http Server. His business currently uses FastStream IQ HTTP and it has been working pretty well for about a year. They have started having problems with it and the software company no longer updates their product.
They are looking for a product that:
1.      Hosts a website
2.      Allows their customers to log in
3.      Gives their customers specific file access after logging in
4.      Allows file transfer of files over 100MB

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Just doing some searching on this. I'm finding a lot of good hosting services, and a lot of good file sharing services, but not both rolled into together so far like with the FastStream service you mentioned. Would you be opposed to keeping your web hosting and file sharing separate?


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This page seemed like a good resource to look into, listing 80 services:

answered 2011-07-02 at 11:44:16

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They're looking for something that they can host internally.

Has anyone used Drupal for this?

answered 2011-07-02 at 11:46:06

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I was going to suggest Drupal until I read the "100MB" part. Submitting files that large via a standard form can be prone to errors and you have to reconfigure your server options (maybe an option if hosting internally).

If you want to look at a Drupal based solution as an 'Intranet', with the ability to set up customer accounts, basic file sharing, basic project/task monitoring, etc., try Open Atrium:

It's a good start right out of the box. I've used it with some of my my more detailed oriented personal customers to help them track what I'm doing and also send me content and pictures.

In regards to the 100MB part, here's some info on increasing your max allowed upload size:

You'll see a lot of conversation there as it can be tricky depending on the server, but it might help.

Here's talk of an add-on file repository for Open Atrium:

Let me know if that helps. :)

answered 2011-07-05 at 05:17:49

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