Is it possible to import Safari History from Imac into the safari history on Windows 7.  I have safari installed on both computers.  I copied out the plist text from the mac and saved it to a word document.  I tried to cut and paste the text from the history file but I cant figure out how to import it into the history file in Windows.

Any Tools or tricks?  


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I don't have a MAC OS X, but try this...

1. Click "File"?
2. Then click "Export Bookmarks"
3. Get a flash drive and then send it over to Windows 7 Safari.
4. Open Windows 7 Safari then click "Import Bookmark".
5. Select the bookmark created by MAC OS X Safari.
6. Done :)
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Thanks for contacting Experts Exchange.

Converting the Safari.plist into a text format and eventually a word document won't work, due to the difference in the scripting of the Mac version of Safari versus the Windows 7 version of Safari. As a result of this fact as well, you will not be able to import your history from your Mac version of Safari into your Windows 7 version of Safari- again differences in the scripting due to the completely different OS platforms does not allow this to be possible.

However, there is a work-around for importing Safari bookmarks from your Mac to your Window 7 version.

In order to effectively import your bookmarks in to Safari in Window 7, it is going to take more than just a simple bookmarks export from Safari Mac, to an import into Safari Windows 7.  

When you have the Safari bookmarks.html file on your Window 7 system, you launch Safari click on File and select Import Bookmarks.
But be advised** when you do so, you will see the Mac-Safari bookmarks appear only as a folder that will list under BOOKMARKS in the Safari-Win 7 version.

If you wish to go further -- place your important bookmarks in their respective folders (i.e. Bookmarks Bar links into Bookmark bar of Safari-Win7), by opening the imported Bookmarks folder, open the Bookmarks bar  folder, select all of the bookmark links by clicking on the first link, then hold the Shift key and select the last link in the folder, in order to highlight all of those links.(See attached image of this process below)

Once all of the bookmark links of the Bookmark bar are highlighted, you will need to drag all those highlighted bookmarks into the Bookmarks bar folder of the Safari-Win 7 and you should see the number of bookmarks of that folder increase, as well as see a larger number of bookmarks links now  populating the Bookmark bar.

You also repeat this process fore for the Bookmarks Menu as well, if you like. Yes this is a manual process, but depending on just how you wish to organize your imported bookmarks from the Safari-Mac side, into the Safari-Win 7 version, you can also simply drag the entire imported bookmarks folder onto the Bookmarks menu bar of Safari -Win 7 and just access all the imported bookmark from there.

Let me know if this helps. Always glad to assist!



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