When I try to access a secure website I get this error message
To help protec your security, Internet Explorer has blocked this website from displaying content with security certifiticate errors, click here for options
when I click on option and click on display block item it will work but I have to do that on each login. not happening for IE 6 users only IE7 & IE 8

asked 10/08/2010 02:43

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3 Answers:
It's a security feature that was implemented in the later versions of IE. Try the following:

1. Check system time & date. Set it right.

2. Go to Internet options > Content >Certificates > and delete any expired certificates.

3. Go to Internet Options > Advanced tab > Under Security uncheck "Check for publisher's certificate revocation"

Also try to check or uncheck " Check for Server Certificate revocation" if none of the above options work.
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seems there are some errors with the certificate of the website. If you trust the site, add it to trusted sites.
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