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Is there any way to send AT Commands to Iphone 4 and start a call, or answer a call, or hangup a call. I was doing that by using my nokia n97. I was connecting it by using bluetooth modem connection and send AT commands. By this way, I was controlling my phone via my pc application. But i can't do that by my iphone. In IOS4 sendmodem application and minicom do not work. My phone is jailbreaked. I wrote all forums on internet but no answer has come yet. I need a way to control my phone remotely (not via vnc etc.). I want to start a call or answer a call by sending commands remotely or anything else. I need you assistance. Or if you know the way to use it (C#.NET), I can use my laptop as a bluetooth headset, and like a bluetooth headset i can control phone to redial or answer a call. I know my question is long but just i want to find a way.

asked 01/30/2011 04:44

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the Iphone doesnt present itself as a modem to PCs/Macs in the same way that many other phones do so there isnt a serial port to send the commands to.

Unless jailbreaking gicves you the additoinal option you are out of luck.


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In Iphone 3G it was possible by jailbreaking and use sendmodem and minicom application. I know there is something different in IOS4 but as you mentioned i need an additional option that jailbreaking gives.

answered 2011-01-31 at 02:57:26

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the problem has not been solved.

answered 2011-01-31 at 03:11:24

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