We are opening a new warehouse which will require access to our main site network as well as our sister and parent company in the US.  The main site is already connected to the wider network via the parent companies MPLS cloud.
Our new warehouse will also be attached to MPLS so that it can then see all the other sites as required.  Because this new MPLS connection had to be ordered through the US there will be delays and it may not be available for go live in time.  

For the phone system we will have an ISDN30 (8 Channel) ready for voice but could this also be used to connect to the UK main site for data?  
How would this work?  

asked 10/21/2011 06:43

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it would depend on the bandwidth that you need to have (kbps) and the amount of bandwidth you expect to use per day (total bandwidth usage).

you could put an ISDN2 card in your PBX and connect an ISDN2 router that dials into an ISP and you then run a VPN tunnel over it however it is probably a lower cost option to put in an analogue line and order ADSL on it than the cost of the ISDN2 card for your PBX, the ISDN2 router and the cost of the "calls".


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Out of interest could you recommend an ISDN router that could  manage a VPN tunnel?

answered 2011-10-22 at 00:47:35

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Cisco 1812 for BRI, I'd have to check model
numbers for PRI

answered 2011-10-31 at 15:43:09

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