I am looking at my iTunes folder and I see the following:

Folder iTunes Music\ Here I have lots of music and videos, organised by artist.

However in the folder iTunes Music\Music folder I have another bucket load of music, also organised by Artist.

What is the difference?  Also it seems that I have some duplicated between the two folders, but in Itunes there are none.  Ie. artist "Adele" is in both folders, however only in iTunes once?

The settings in iTunes is keep music organised, but I am confused with how it is doing it.



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Is it possible that you would have copied the "Music" folder into the "iTunes Music" folder at some point.
The "iTunes Music" is most likely where all of your music that is loaded into iTunes is located. You can check this in iTunes preferences under Advanced. You will see the path for the iTunes Music folder location. You will also notice in that window a check box next to "Copy files to iTunes media".... With this checked, all music added to iTunes from a folder etc. is copied (not moved) into the iTunes Music folder and left in it's original location. My guess is that you may have added the music to iTunes from the folder called "music" at some point and therefore have double songs - the original and the one copied to the iTunes Music folder. The songs listed in the iTunes library come from the iTunes Music folder.
Another possibility is that the "music" folder is a remnant of a previous version of iTunes and the contents of that folder were copied to the "iTunes Music" during a previous update. But I am just guessing at that. I don't remember if a previous version had a "Music" folder.


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I do not think EdTechy is correct.  I had this same exact problem and when I turned auto organize my files off, the other folder disappeared or something.  I might have deleted it if it didn't though.  But, basically I believe it is just a folder that iTunes uses to organize music that you put in your other folder.  If you try and delete files manually, they will reappear, if that auto organize button is on.  I turned it off, because I had a small hard drive and couldn't afford to have 2 copies of the music files.  So, if you don't want iTunes to auto organize, I suggest turning it off.  iTunes doesn't really organize that well anyways, I just do it myself.  They always got the song order wrong or something.  But this is totally normal just so you know to have the 2 folders.  Good question though.  If you need more help with it just ask.

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