I'm looking for a new shopping cart for one of my sites. Here are my requirements.

1)      Size & color drop down
2)      May we suggest
3)      Videos
4)      Image enlarger
5)      Reviews
6)      Add to wish list
7)      Send to a friend
8)      Available, backorder, discontinued
9)      Soft add to cart
10)   One page check out
11)   Paypal,google check out
12)   Sort by size,price,etc
13)   Gift cards
14)   Old order review and reorder same stuff
15)   Chat
16)   Ability to import prices and availability from Distributers
17)   Flexibility to run sale prices with expiration dates
18)   Coupon code with expiration dates
19)   Free freight by $ amount
20)   Page admin to change for daily sales
21)   Blog

If you guys have some suggestions, please let me know.

asked 12/01/2011 05:15

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4 Answers:
Zen Cart does lots of things but not sure if it does everything you need without you doing some custom programming.  web site is


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Commercial or free? I can only think of for classic ASP.

answered 2011-12-02 at 04:29:06

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I totally agree with  smadeira; no one is going to do all of that for you.

Even a paid out of the box software can't do all of that without some customizations from you.

Here is the link I posted for someone yesterday, I think it  was:

This doesn't include wishlist and some of othe stuff on your list.

However, I do have those.

Get started with what you have been provided with so far.

Then come back and ask more questions and we will glad to provide more assistance.

answered 2011-12-02 at 06:02:02

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Wouldn't it be nice if you could download something for free that would do EVERYTHING you needed?  Because ecommerce projects are always complicated, you will rarely find everything you want in one solution.  Instead of tryint to find pre-built software that will do everything you want, look for software that can be quickly and easily modified to do everything you want.  Only then will you get EXACTLY what you want.

When making your selection, check to see how well the software is documented and how accessible the source code is.  Open source software is often easier to modify than paid software.

This link may help:

answered 2011-12-02 at 06:03:33

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