Ok here's my problem, I have to move our OSC 07 installation to a new machine. I've run into a few issues with this.

I have OCS07 Standard installled on a desktop PC running Server 2003. We are moving to a new building and this desktop is not going with us. So i need to move the install to a machine that is.

So here's my problems.
I Get as far as Creating Configuration Database, then it errors out with "Failed to open existing OCS database." The event viewer shows "Product: Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007, Standard Edition Server -- Error 27763. Failed to open existing Office Communications Server database.
 I need to get pass this :( and just like another question on here reguarding the same error, i cannot uninstall sql express 2005, I have other apps that use it.

If i  use SQL managment to open servername\rtc there is no database to delete as this sollution suggested

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It's not really supported to move the OCS components to another computer, so depending on your configuration it may not even be possible.  Does the new server have the same FQDN as the old? If so did you clean up that server's objects in the OCS AD configuration prior to installing anything on the new server?

This article has some details on editing AD to clean up references of the old server:

It's also not really supported to share the OCS-installed SQL Express instance with other third-party applications on a Standard Edition server.

If the old server is still online the best approach is to install a new Standard Edition server and simply move the users over.  If you can't do that you can just reconfigure the OCS-enabled users to the new server/pool and then only database settings would be lost for the users (e.g. contact lists, call forwarding settings) which can all be reconfigured by the users.  Not ideal, but if you are a small org and don't need that stuff it may save you a lot of time and effort.



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