I am looking for an app that works on a peer to peer set up.  Somthing like how tsadmin works.  I would like to power off a machien or end procces etc.  
or take remote controll with like RDP with out asking permission from the current user.  All boxes are on Win7 Ult.

I would like to be able to manage systems a tad better in my home peer to peer.

I am also looking for some sort of messanger type app. I will not enable NetSend.
Freeware would be nice.

asked 10/12/2011 04:37

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I think you can do it with TeamViewer (, which is free for non-commercial use, but the application must be running for you to connect.  Also, the local user's actions (point&click, and keyboard activity) can override the remote one's.


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