I install about 60 office2010 prof installations with a MAK key. This key is validated after install and software is activated. why does windows/office keeps checking the validity of this activation over and over again, slowing down the pc. In the eventlog it says: The Software Protection service has completed licensing status check. . the status that follows is not exactly clear but there are no errormessages for Office2010.

asked 12/14/2011 06:08

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This is a bit off-topic but that happens to me with Office Professional 2010 at home.

I've stopped bothering about it, partly because I couldn't find any useful advice anywhere (MSDN, MSKB etc included).

Most said just ignore it because it's not an error, isn't relevant, doesn't slow things down (sure!).

It actually only happens the first time I open Excel/Word whatever and then again when I open the VBE editor.

Like I said kind of off-topic, sorry for intruding.


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