Is there a way?
I have the old hard dirve on a usb cable.  (but old hdd it doesnt boot to windows)


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The difficult way of completing this requirement is:

So here's what I did to import Mozilla Thunderbird emails (after trying all other options)
1- Open up the intended emails in Mozilla *one by one* (yeah, tedious but it works... read on) and go File-> Save As -> and save them as .eml files in a directory of your choice.
2- Close Mozilla and go to the directory where you saved all those .eml files and double click them (Outlook should open it automagically, if not try resetting Outlook as your default email program) once again, one by one and go File -> Move To Folder where you then chuck it into your Inbox or whatever.



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Why not just move your entire profile over to the new windows?
Which windows?
If its a new install of XP you could just re-install your Mozella and import the old? yes no?

Moving your profile folder
Mozilla stores email messages in folders within the Mail/News program component. On your hard drive those folders are actually plain-text files in Windows and stored in your profile mail folder. For more info on profiles see these links:
If you have xp you have Outlook Express
How to Export Mail from Thunderbird to Outlook Express and Other Email Programs

answered 2011-11-21 at 22:04:20

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The OP is using Office 2003 (see "Outlook 2003" in the Subject line).

answered 2011-11-21 at 22:40:25

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?? I suggested he move it to Outlook Express regardless he wants Outlook, if your talking to me please use the @ Merete
It is simpler to move his profile to OE than Outlook
But without knowing his OS XP or windows 7 it's kind of guessing he has xp.
I'm using Office 2003 on my windows 7 prof
but windows 7 does not come with an email client, so maybe the asker is not aware of this
and hense why he is using Outlook 2003.

answered 2011-11-22 at 04:18:22

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Hi,  Ive to complete this task for a customer.

I have XP on one PC and Win 7 on another.

What ever is easiest.

answered 2011-11-22 at 14:47:38

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Hi.  This doesnt work:
If you have xp you have Outlook Express
How to Export Mail from Thunderbird to Outlook Express and Other Email Programs

Geting no where at the moment............

answered 2011-11-24 at 15:10:48

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To determin  the directory of your mail,
On Windows 7
Select Run... from the Start menu.
Type %appdata% .
Open the Thunderbird folder.
Open your Mozilla Thunderbird profile directory.
Highlight all files and folders in it.
Copy the files to the desired backup location which will be Windows 7 public folder ~>Public Documents
Or if you have Slaved the HDD
Open your Mozilla Thunderbird profile directory.
Highlight all files and folders in it.
 drag and drop onto the desktop
Now you have the entire Mozilla Thunderbird profile on the windows 7 right?
Now you decide do you want to use the viewer?
Or Import them into Outlook
Or windows Live?

answered 2011-11-24 at 17:44:18

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Why not install Thunderbird on this windows 7and the use the import mail in there?
You get more options
MiTeC Mail Viewer is a viewer for Microsoft Outlook Express 4,5 and 6 message database (*.idx/*.mbx/*.dbx), Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Vista Mail and Windows Live mail message databases as well as standalone EML files.
Just browse for the .dbx file or mail folder containing the .eml files,
and the program will display a list of all messages with their subjects and headers.
You can choose to view the messages in text or HTML view,
sort them and also export them to standard .eml files.
 Additional features include support for attachments and printing and keyword filtering.
MiTeC Mail Viewer
Once you have windows Live onboard  windows 7 no account needed
Open the folder you just copied over that has your messages
 >> r/click ,iaf files> Open with windows live mail
Assuming you have set WLM to be your default mail client, each message will open in WLM message-reading window.
To copy them into WLM
open the Thunderbird Folder,
open windows live side by side this thunderbird folder
 drag  in each exported folder into windows live Folders. You can use inbox to inbos or sent to sent or make new folders
Start Windows Live Mail
  in the upper left corner of the screen, is a small icon looks like a pad with an arrow
click on the arrow and it expands the options
Click Import.
Browse to and select the .iaf file that you want to import, and then click Open.
 The account is added to your list of accounts in Windows Live Mail.

answered 2011-11-24 at 21:42:17

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Hi,  I will revert back to this question in a week.  Thanks for all the suggestions.


answered 2011-11-24 at 22:10:22

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Thankyou fcek
did you successfully get them?

answered 2011-12-01 at 03:03:36

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