i have exchange 2010 SP1, GAL was updating fine for all computers on outlook 2003-2010, auntil recently. Not sure what changed but to partly fix the issue i ended up creating a new offline address list called "new offline address list" and made it the default for all mailbox databases.
those steps fixed GAL for outlook 2003 clients. THey were able tio update they still are, however, outlook 2003/2010 is still  not updating.
I have been searching the web for a solution some recommendations like change authentication on autodiscover virtual directory didn't work, or hacking the registry of the client computer so it does not use autodiscover thats not an option since we have too many clients.

i also did the test from here are the results:

 Attempting the Autodiscover and Exchange ActiveSync test (if requested).
  Testing of Autodiscover for Exchange ActiveSync failed.
   Test Steps
   Attempting each method of contacting the Autodiscover service.
  The Autodiscover service couldn't be contacted successfully by any method.
   Test Steps
   Attempting to test potential Autodiscover URL
  Testing of this potential Autodiscover URL failed.
   Test Steps
   Attempting to resolve the host name in DNS.
  The host name resolved successfully.

then i did a test-email autoconfiguration from outlook 2007
here are the results

attempting URL found through SCP
Autodiscover to starting
getLastError=0, httpstatus=200
Autodiscover to succeeded (0x00000)

when i try to download the address book manually. by going to outlook-> send/receive-> address book -> download addres book
it bring up the window send/recieve & sits there for a while w/o giving an error message.

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I always delete everything and start from scratch when I have OAB issues. Sofar this has not failed me.

Check DNS. Make sure you have an A Record (or cname) for pointing to your mail server.

Make sure the certificate you are using has in its list of names

Do this

then before you re-create it make sure you delete any files physically from the C: Drive (anything in folder C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\ExchangeOAB)

then create a new OAB

the configure OAB

wait for a bit for the OAB to be re-generated

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what's interesting is for the longest time we didn't need to have autodiscover on the mail certifcate. Why is it necessary to have that now?
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You don't need autodiscover for outlook to read the GAL. But you do for the OAB to work.
For OAB to work there must be a trusted cert in place with the correct names

No Idea how it worked without it if neither of the above was true. Maybe GAL worked but OAB did not, and users have only just noticed? (sorry that's the best I can come up with)
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After re-creating the OAB as suggested by aoakeley, please follow my article to manually update your GAL: Manually Update Global Address List (GAL) on Exchange 2010
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I fixed this issue by going to the webconfig.xml file stored under OAB/ client access folder on the exchange server and gave authenticated users read/write permission.
That fixed it for me.

I guess permissions got reset after applying the exchange SP1.

thanks for all your responses.
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I answered my own questions

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