I have a new workstation running XP Professional SP3 with Office 2007 professional SP3. Hotfixes etc. applied. When I get an email with HTML content, it does not display the images in the preview pane or if I open the email.  I have set the option in the trust settings to allow HTML to load (automatic download, uncheck Don't download...).

If I start Outlook in Safe mode, I get the yellow bar saying Outlook has blocked the content and if I allow it, then the HTML will load as it should.  If I go into the trust options again and uncheck the "don't download" option, then HTML emails form normally during the safe mode session.  

Back to normal mode. Disabled all COM add-ins and Exchange Client extensions. Still no love from Outlook.

Creating a new Outlook profile doesn't help.

I've deleted temporary files, removed the %appData%\microsoft\Outlook folder entirely and still no changes.

However, I can log in as another user on the same machine and HTML will form normally in preview and opened emails.  All add-ins and extensions loaded.

Ergo, I'm thinking it must be user profile specific.  I'm kinda out of ideas here and would appreciate your thoughts.  


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You could try renaming the profile to user.old and start with a new one. And I have seen the cached mode do odd things as well

hope that helps


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I've thought of just redoing the profile and may end up doing that in the end but if possible, I'd like to know why/what is happening.  I'm sorry I didn't include that in my original post, but I have done cached and online line mode both.  didn't help.  Thank you for your suggestions.  I'll post more as I learn more.

answered 2011-11-29 at 11:52:21

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I made the assumption you were talking about the network user profile and not the mail profile.  I had already tried that and it didn't help.  If you, or anyone else, don't have any other thoughts, I'll just recreate her network profile and that should clear it up.  I'll leave this open through the weekend and then close it if no other responses are given.  

answered 2011-11-29 at 11:59:08

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Stumped the experts.


answered 2011-12-02 at 15:03:24

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