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We have a critical new user who has started up and has come with his own Outlook Notes in a PST file that he brought over from his old company.

For now, we have imported it into his Outlook Notes folder in his Outlook profile so it is on the server, available through OWA, backed up etc etc.

However, we have to now move from Notes in Outlook to OneNote.

I have looked at a few posts on the Internet and the "exporttoonenote" Outlook add-in but that doesn't work and the posts don't clearly suggest that it is compatible with Outlook 2010 and OneNote 2010 installed on Win7 64 bit, as that's what we have.

So, is there a simple and reliable way of exporting all your notes from Outlook 2010 to OneNote 2010?

This is going on for a while so any help would be great.

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Did you try these steps of exporting the Notes by Category to a text file and the importing them using the text importer listed?
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You could also try:

1  Open Outlook.

2  Select the Outlook Note that you want to import into OneNote. You can select multiple notes by pressing and holding the "Control" key on your computer's keyboard.

3  Right-click any of the selected Outlook Notes and select the "Send to OneNote" option. OneNote will automatically import all selected Outlook Notes into a new Unified Notes page in OneNote.
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that he brought over from his old company

Has anyone stopped to consider the implications of this part of the original post?
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Hi Finalword

Thanks for the link to MSDN.

With that, I am half way there. I successfully exported the notes to .txt files.

Now the problem is, how do I import it into One Note? The article doesn't mention anything.

I am looking at over 1000 notes so doing it manually, one by one is not an option for us.

The other option doesn't work. Right Clicking doesn't give me the "send to onenote" account.

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Here is the Text Importer he references (go to bottom of the article to download).  Good Luck!
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