Does anyone know if DELL Poweredge 4600 can automatically power on after a safe shutdown by a UPS when power gets restored? Usually there is a setting in the bios that says something like 'AC Power Recovery' or 'Last AC Power State' but I can't find anything in the bios. It has bios version 2.0.1, firmware A13


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In the bios there's often (often as in general systems) an option to go back to the last powerstate, but if you have your system set up with connectivity to your UPS so that the system does a graceful shutdown when the UPS starts running low, this bios option wouldn't serve a purpose, as the bios cannot distinguish between a user initiated shutdown or a software (UPS management software) initiated shutdown; it just sees it was a shutdown and not a loss of power.  
Normally, if the server loses AC power, it will return to its last power state when AC is restored. However when the server is on a UPS and the UPS application initiates graceful system shutdown, the server will remain off (last power state) when AC is restored. In this case, you will manually have to power up the server using the power button or initiate power up from the Remote Access Controller.
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If there's no BIOS option and if you're running Windows then the workaround is to set it to not power off on shutdown. applies (ignore the hotfix part and skip down to the More Information section). Applies to other Windows versions as well.
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