On windows 2003 I have set up a user(sluser) that is not part of Administrator group.
I have a program running as SERVICES.
I have a ACTIVE X executable that exposes a class that can be instantiated.
I have written a test program(pgm1.exe) in VB that tries to instantiate the object of the class that is part of ACTIVE X exe.

I have logged on the windows system as user that is part of Administrator group.
when I try to run pgm1.exe either from command prompt or by double clicking on it I see that the instance of ACTIVEX exe runs is task manager.
But when I run pgm1.exe from under the SERVICES that is running under the non admin user, I don't see the instance of ACTIVEX exe in task manager and my program logs the error.
Can anyone pl help me understand as to why when pgm1 runs under services that is running under non admin user, can't launch the ACTIVE X exe?

asked 08/16/2011 05:34

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3 Answers:
Try the following:

1. Right-Click on Exe and select Properties.
2. Select Compatibility Tab.
3. Check Privilege Level - "Run this program as administrator"
4. Click Apply or OK.
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