My goal is to have IRSSI running through an SSH session, where the user cannot affect the session in any way. This is a display computer in our lobby, so I would like to have a display for the IRC support chat, along with other metrics for the company displayed.

I am not familiar with how to restrict a user from only running IRSSI, nor am I familiar with how I could go about making a read only session, perhaps screen with some permissions set?


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in my opinion it is very hard to accomplish what you are looking for. My basic idea would be to have two computers lets call them server and client. The server would run a normal Desktop with your IRC application of choice (Xchat or IRSSI) and a vnc server in view only mode. Than the client could connect via a vncviewer to the server and would show the IRC application.  The whole thing would look like this:

                ssl to irc server                   vnc over ssl or ssh tunnel
Internet <-----------------------> server ---------------------------->client

everything would be encrypted....

If you have a dynamic ip in your company think of a irc bouncer which acts as a proxy between the IRC application and IRC server. The bouncer should be installed on a server with a static ip to have always connection to the irc server. A bouncer has the advantage that it can monitor everything even if your company loses connection e.g. by getting another dynamic ip every 24h. In this case the bouncer has a buffer with chatlogs that it replays when your irc client connects again after having lost connection. Also bouncers can be good so nobody can overtake your channel. But there are also official irc bots for this purpose. Bouncers consume only very little memory and are servers programs. But they can be a way complicated to set up also. ZNC is one good bouncer.


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