We have a Dell PowerEdge server with a PERC 6/i integrated RAID controller. The 3 physical hard drives are currently configured in a RAID-0 fashion. We would like to change the RAID to 1 or higher to give redundency, but I am currently unable to reconfigure it using the "Dell OpenManage Server Administrator". Every time I try and do this I receive this error message:

Virtual Disk 0 Reconfigure Error  
   Possible reasons include:  
 -  Not enough physical disk space.  
 -  The virtual disk has reached the maximum number of physical disks supported that can be reconfigured at this time.  
 -  Reconfiguration is not supported at this time.  
 -  Invalid configuration. (Please consult the help files as well as the controller documentation for reconfiguring virtual disks.)

I expect that this is due to the fact that the one virtual disk is spanning all 3 disks and is occupying all of the available disk space. Is there a way to reduce the size of the virtual disk and/or make it occupy just one of the physical disks?

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You can't shrink the size of the virtual disk, to convert it to a Raid 1 Array you will need to add 3 more drives to mirror your existing 3 drives. Your better option is to add 1 more drive and reconfigure to a Raid 5 (or 2 more drives to go to Raid 6)


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So, we can't convert the exsiting three drives to RAID 5?

answered 2011-12-08 at 05:38:10

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Not without adding 1 additional drive, you have to add parity to the array and this can only be done by adding at least 1 more drive.

answered 2011-12-08 at 07:45:33

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No shrink virtual disk option with that controller as as per the above you'll have to add more if you want parity or you'll have to image the OS and blow away the config then re-create as a single disk in RAID 0 or whatever option you want and then restore the image.

answered 2011-12-08 at 09:30:25

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Thank you for clarifying this.

answered 2011-12-08 at 10:53:53

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