Hi,  I have a client that has recently transferred all the sage data to the server.

All was ok until last week when after entering a large chuck of data Sage told her it couldn't save.  she shut down sage and then re-entered the data a small chunk at a time.  

Now she has discovered that on certain supplier records things like "activities" hangs and will not respond and there is a concern of corrupt data

I ran Sages Error checking overnight and after 14 hours it still hadn't brought anything back.  Are we better to try a rebuild, or try to cancel out some of the invoices she put in?

I am at a bit of a loss as it's not a programme I really use.

Any thought s gratefully received as they are a new customer to us and we'd like to try to resolve quickly if we can

They have a restore that works, but is a couple of days old.  the problem is this large chunk of data input was the last thing she did that day!



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You will have to go back to a backup.


There are ways to glue bits of different datasets together, and if it is worth several hundred pounds then there are specialists, like myself, who will save you a lot of work.

I would at the very least print off the end of the audit trail and any invoices raised so you have something to refer to for re-keying.

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Hi brucedenney

I ended up calling Sage who pretty much confirmed that as it was only a days data lost the quicker solution is to rekey.

They said that even with their overnight service with the level of corruption we had there was no guarantee they could repair it

thanks for taking a look tho

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Nice to be confirmed by the boys in Green :-)
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Because you were kind enough to answer!
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