We have a SBS 2008 Server using the included Exchange 2007 mail server.
We have a web form in the Default Website that is trying to send an email to a LOCAL address, If we send an email to the address directly it works normally, from both internal addresses and external addresses. I am not a web developer but an Exchange Admin. I am trying to avoid at all costs creating a connector that allows for the anonomous email relaying by the server's actual IP address. Does anyone have an suggestion for how to allow a web-form send an email to an internal email address? This is holding up a rollout of a new server and website.

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1. You should allow only internal address to be recipient of this message (it is default in exchange).
2. If you have not allowed to send messages to internal addresses from outside, you can set some dummy sender address (if your domain is, let address will be, for example) and add this address to white list.


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Thank you als315, I am not sure that I made myself clear.

I have an SBS 2008 server. It is running IIS-7 where we have the Default Website configured with a site that is accessed from the Internet. A page in that site is a form that the Internet users fill out and click submit when they are done. When they do so, it is supposed to email the information to a domain user's mailbox. Right now it just disappears, it does not appear in the domain user's mailbox.
I need for the email to make it through to the mailbox.

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You should ask web programmer about message parameters. There could be some diagnostics. I have similar page with this code:

If server is regecting message, you will have some error.
You can see my page here:
Sorry, it is in russian
First string - from (name, not an address)
Second - subject
Big - body
Left button - send message, Right - cancel

    answered 2011-12-10 at 10:03:05

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    Thank you again! I will ask for a copy of the code he using and will update as soon as I hear from him.

    answered 2011-12-10 at 10:30:34

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    Pointed me in the right place to look at the error being generated. Was able to fix problem.

    answered 2011-12-10 at 10:32:41

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