I have just installed Exchange 2010( Hyper V VM) to coexsist with Exchange 2003(Stand Alone).   I need some advice on what files I need to backup and the best solution on how to back this up with Symantec 2010 R3(Granular Recovery technology enabled).  I created a seperate backup job just so that I could have some data but I am not sure that this is the correct way or that I am getting the the data the I need to restore in event of failure.
Rigth now  I am doing a full backup of these directories
Exchange 2010- Program Files>Microsoft>Exchange>V14>All Sub Directories
Exchange 2010- Information Store-All Database's
Exchange 2003- Information Store-All Database's(Public Folder Store) (Mailbox Folder Store)

I have installed a HubTransport server seperate but I am not backup in anything on this server with this backup.  I have another backup of this, that is backing up the system information.

I am backing up to Disk Folders on our company HP NAS server.

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I typically do a two prong backup of Exchange using Symantec.  I back up the mailboxes using symantecs GRT to disk for a very quick restore of individual items.   I back up all parts of the server and the VM to tape using symantec BE2010.   I wouldn't be so selective about the folders you are backing up - instead I'd back up the entire drives - the choice of course is yours.


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could have use more information

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