We are upgrading our core switches with (3) Cisco Catalyst 4510R-E (replacing (3) 3750-E)
to increase our uplink from 1Gig to 10Gig.
We are utilizing 3560G, 2960, 3550, and 3560 switches as our access switches. Once the 3750's
are replaced, we'll be able to use them at the lower layers. Need recomendation regarding implementation
of the new devices on Topolgy design, best protocols to implement, most efficient setup, configuration of interfaces,
and full redundancy. Ether-channels, HSRP etc..

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TO be honest with you, best topology design along protocols heavily depends on the requirement and the current implementation of the network
DO you need Core / Dist / Access ?
how many total access switches you have ?
do you have vlans spanned across multiple switches?
how many host do you have on your network in total

The answers for the above would help to propose the ideal design for your network
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Thanks for your response.

Current topology is utilizing core\distro (3750G) and then access switches spanned out the the many different building location. So Distro / Access at its minimum.

(3) 3750-E POE 24
(3) 3750-G POE 48
(2) 3560G 24POE + 4
(1) 3560 POE  8
(4) 3550 - 24
(2) 2960
(2) 2900 - 24

Yes multiple vlans spanned accross multiple switches. Covering multiple buildings.

500-1000 hosts estimated

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i would go for layer2 across all, with core switches doing the inter vlan routing.

hsrp with different priorities giving load sharing capabilities on the uplinks
and vlans allowed as needed from core towards distribution/ access switches

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Would also make sure you are using RSTP (rapid spanning tree) and set spanning tree root so it follows HSRP primary. In other words, the 4510 that is active gateway for a given VLAN is also STP root for that VLAN. I would also segregate your VLANs as much as possible so they don't leave buildings. Use L3 connections between building where possible. For buildings that have a L2 connection (because you don't have enough L3 switches), only trunk the VLANs used in that building back to the 4510s.
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Could you provide more info in detail on the configurations that will be needed , the physical\logical topology, design, and other protocols to implement? Is there anything that i need to watch out for when deploying these switches.
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