Hi there,

Not too long ago I had a faulty graphics card that had to be replaced and now
when I go to start up an online game I play every once in awhile I get an error
message saying AVP2 Error: Couldn't set D3D Emulation mode. Shutting down AVP2...
The game is aliens vs predator 2 multiplayer edition and the new graphics card is Geforce
GT 520, the graphics card has been updated with the latest driver.
The game is old but still plays on any of the other computers I have at home, I'm
not sure if this site answers questions about gaming much but any help would be great.
The PC is running windows 7 home premium 32bit.
Before coming on this site with this problem I did first go on google to see if I could
find the solution, I found a site that sounded like it had the answer but I was not
able to use it on my PC. Here is the link to the website.
in this website it basically said to make sure directdraw acceleration and
direct 3d acceleration was enabled, direct 3d was but  directdraw said it was not available.
Thanks for reading.

asked 10/30/2011 02:08

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I suspect something may have been corrupted in w/your DirectX installation.

Try this:

Also it wouldn't hurt to try the following.  

Disable Antivirus / Firewall (While Playing)
Completely uninstall old graphic card software/drivers.
Right click on AVP shortcut, go properties select "Compatibility Tab"
Check Run this Program in Compatibility mode and Select
"Windows XP" from list.

Good luck & happy gaming.


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the compatibility of win7 and some old softwares  is not good.

1.Unstaller graphics driver , DirectX and the game.
2.Reboot the machine, Install  the latest graphics driver and DirectX .
3.Install   the game  in compatibility mode and administrator mode , you can check in  the right mouse button menu of installation package.

Best regards.

answered 2011-10-29 at 23:22:21

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What's the best way to uninstall  directx guys?

answered 2011-10-29 at 23:59:41

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There should be no reason to uninstall.  Just reinstall from the re-distributable package to add the DX9 components that are normally missing from the default Windows 7 install.

answered 2011-10-31 at 02:34:49

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Thanks guys, didn't need to uninstall direct x, yesterday i uninstall both the game
and graphics card driver, rebooted the PC than reinstall them again and it
was working fine, I had done that at the start but didn't work, don't know why but
it worked second time around.
Thanks again.

answered 2011-10-31 at 11:23:18

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