i had a problem with my desktop recently.
when i started my system it showed some unwanted progrmas to clean or some registry cleaner.
when i opened my files in c drive and d drive i could nt see any files there.

i then removed the hard disk and connected to my laptop through ide/sata controller. there i could see the files and folders and taken the backup to usb hard disk.
i then formatted my desktop and reinstalled windows. but when i connected the usb hard disk and tried to access the files and folders i couldnt see anything.
i again connected the usb hard disk to my laptop and there i can see all the files.

how do i copy all the files and folders from usb disk to dekstop as it is very imp

asked 12/09/2011 03:32

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3 Answers:
It is possible that the files are hidden, and one PC the option to view hidden files is turned ON, and on the other PC is turned OFF.
Double check the setting under "Folder and Search" properties (depends on your system)


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perfect , the files were hidden

thanks a lot

answered 2011-12-10 at 01:58:59

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