I just got visual studio 2008 installed on my machine today, and I am trying to figure out how to create a new project.  When I try: File >> New Project, I got the warning "there are no templates available".  
Can someone tell me how to get the templates installed so I can open a new C# project?


asked 11/14/2011 05:59

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The templates are installed at the same time as Visual Studio.

Which version of Visual Studio did you install? I do not remember for 2008, but it used to be that under the Express edition, VB and C# were distributed in 2 different installs.

Maybe you did not check Visual C# when you installed VS. Go into the Programs section of the control panel, right-click on Visual Studio and select the option to add components. Make sure that the language you want to use is selected. If it is, they require a Repair. Maybe something prevented the installation from going all the way.

Also, maybe you changed the default template directory in Tools...Options...Projects and Solutions...General. By default, they are installed in MyDocumenst\Visual Studio xxxx\Templates.


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You are right - there was a problem with the install.

I just contacted the IT support person who installed it.  Turns out he had a problem and had to abort the install.  So I probably don't have all the bells and whistles installed and I'll need to wait for him to complete the install.

Thank you for your response.

answered 2011-11-14 at 14:24:49

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