We have used desktop sharing software in the past for meetings, but are getting to the point where people are asking for video conferencing.  We've used Skype with cheap cameras, but I'm wondering if anyone can recommend some good cameras, maybe panormaic for video conferencing and software they may be using they are very happy with.

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Check out Microsoft Lync or Office Communication Server ( with Polycom ( camera solutions.

They offer the solution in cloud too in case you would not like to house the infrastructure.


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@ emadallan: these appear to be the telephone portion?

@Michael-Best: Yes we use skype now but the cameras are not quality.  Do you have any cameras you would recommend or is this radvision all encompassing?  I'll request a demo.  

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It all depends on your needs and budget.
Choose the most expensive and professional conferencing cam and soft that you can afford to get the best results for your video conferencing needs.
The choice is only limited by how much your willing to spend.

Hpe ths hlps.

answered 2011-12-05 at 16:31:36

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your previous solutions were all IP network based. are you still looking for solutions based on internet??

answered 2011-12-05 at 23:49:38

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We have recently started getting customers requesting our sales team be on video so we've started with skype and just cheapy cameras.  It has come up that we may look into video conferencing for our conference rooms as well, but for the time being I'm wondering if skype and better cameras wouldn't be enough.  What are you using if anything you can recommend: recommended program for a handful of people, decent cameras, or if you do conference room video I'd be interested in knowing what you use for that also as that may be the next step after this.

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Excuse me for asking but:
09/12/11 04:46 AM, ID: 37258142

This should be posted as a new question?
We volunteer our time and advice and do not get paid ...our only reward is our points + ranking that may lead to income???

I live in Japan thus get no merit from USA questions....sad?

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