What is the difference between exchange 2003 and 2010 -
and what is the benefits for   exchange 2010 over 2007?

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Basically, there are big changes in Outlook Web App, Active Sync and Outlook features itself.
On server-side: Exchange 2007 changed a lot of things, compared to 2003 (AD-integration, ...), Ex10 brings a lot of improvements with it - but especially for OWA.

For more details: Please specify what you're looking for :)

I'd recommend you to install at least Ex2k7, better Ex2010


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I am looking particular why I have to migrate from exchange 2007 server to 2010
what new features I got
Warm Regards

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Well, firstly you want to check out, but as dibi has said there are many changes, a lot of noticable changes between 2007 and 2010 are to do with what MS call Anywhere Access, which is basically just access to messaging from lots of places and devices using improved and better integrated OWA and ActiveSync.

Also, Exchange 2010 no longer support Outlook 2003, only 2007/2010.

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Better performance with IOPS

Better Integration with Lync Server

Microsoft gives below difference

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Coming to benefits ,2k10 is faster,more scalable.

- >Lower Storage Costs,Simpler High Availability,

There are some mojor changes in Exchange Server Clustering.
>LCR,CCR and SCR are no longer available in Exchange Server 2010.

>Windows Server Fail-over Clustering has been removed in Exchange Server 2010.
>Storage Groups are no longer available in Exchange Server 2010.
>Single Instance Storage(SIS) is no longer available.

Coming to the new features,
- Outlook Web App(previously known as Outlook Web Access)- Now users running a browser like Safari,even on an Apple MacBook shud have exactly the same user experience as users running IE.
- Other features on OWA like favorites,Search Folders,attaching Messages to messages,integration with Office Communicator,integration with SMS(text) messages and the possibility to create Outlook Web Access policies etc.

- The Exchange Server 2007 CCR and SCR features are now combined into one new feature called DATABASE AVAILABILITY.

- You can now host mailboxes in a datacenter,also can host mailboxes with your own ISP or with Microsoft Online Services.

- There is The Exchange Control Panel for basic management functions.

- Mailbox Archive -Exchange Server 2010 now contains a personal archive; this is a secondary mailbox connected to a user’s primary mailbox, and located in the same Mailbox Database as the
user’s primary mailbox.


courtesy (Exchange 2010 - A Practical Approach by Jaap Wesselius)

answered 2011-12-13 at 03:14:29

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