Hi,  I'm trying to find out if writing a new disk signature to a spanned drive will corrupt or make the data on the drive inaccessible?  This is a windows NT 4 machine that I'm connecting an external SCSI storage device (4 drives spanned) to.  When opening Disk Administrator it prompts me to create a new signature for Disk0 or the drive will be OFF-LINE.  I should add that the old machine this was connected to is no longer operational.

asked 12/09/2011 01:38

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Don'T do it!

This almost always means that your o/s is seeing the individual disk drives instead of the logical RAID volume.  If you put a signature on the drive, you will corrupt your data. Something is wrong with the configuration, as you should not be seeing the individual drives anyway.

But this is NT4, and so ancient, that you *REALLY* should consider moving that whole thing to a virtual machine.   Then you can get rid of that old raid array which probably is using 9 GB scsi disks anyway ;)


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