We have a user that wants her logon account changed within Active Directory.

The user also has an exchange email address.

what is the best way to change the account and email?

asked 12/12/2011 09:04

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3 Answers:
Use the Rename function (right click the User account and rename).
Then also in the AD account that the user name and user info everywhere.
Then in the Exchange SMTP addresses update the primary address to the new name, and I suggest to also make another SMTP address for the old name (for backwards compatibility type issue).

you need to reset the Outlook profile to update the name so that it display correctly for their outlook Mailbox name.  (just make a new outlook profile if that is not too difficult).

Note, the user name for the profile folder on their PC will continue to use the old name, but the SID account is the same, so no real problems.

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