I have Samsung Galaxy II. Is it possible to connect this phone to my notebook, then browse the internet from my notebook wireless using my phone as wireless internet card?

If its possible do you know how?

Thanks a lot

asked 11/27/2011 04:21

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Specifically, your cell steps I am not sure, but I know most of the driod phone have this option.  It ia wireless modem, and requires you to setup the phone to act as it.  On previous galaxy s, it was under wireless and network, then movile ap settings, then check mobile AP.  On my Thunderbolt, it is a called PC pass through and requires a USB cable.  I would check it out under wireless and network settings.  

Finally, in both scenarios, it required a 20 dollar subscription from Verizon to turn this feature on.


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The "magic word" you are looking for is "Tethering". This option can usualy be found in your phone setting in "wireless & networks". In my CM7-ROM it is called "Tethering and mobile hotspot".

If your phone is connected to your notebook by usb or bluetooth, your phone acts as a (wireless) modem and the notebook can use the data connection. I did this easily with bluetooth a few weeks ago and it worked out of the box.

As tsaico said, some providers prohibit/prevent you to use this feature. But most providers in germany for instance do not, so it works there easily.

answered 2011-11-27 at 12:51:24

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Tethering indeed.

answered 2011-11-27 at 22:41:28

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